You all must be familiar with what Vastu is and what “Vastu shastra” is. Shastra means science in English and Vastu Shastra essentially means – The science of architecture.

I like to rather call it the “state of things”.

I wanted to read about what it actually is and so I did a basic Amazon search. As you would call it I was bombarded with a lot of options to choose! Below is a list of vastu books that I found interesting and thought maybe you should check them too.

Vastu Tips and Remedies

This had to be on top. The book recommends what an individual should do to achieve success by simply arranging items in your house (Vastu tips and tricks) in a certain way. The book has been given a whopping 4.1 out of 5 stars so you can see how well it is appreciated by the readers. Definitely worth it.


The 5 AM Club

Who doesn’t know Robin Sharma? The next in my list is not per se a “Vastu book” but its a must-have book if you believe in the science of architecture. Published by Jainco publishers, I bet the book will be worth the money you spend as Robin will take you through a variety of examples and use cases to improve your life and your belongings. Every aspects and concept of Vaastu are included in this book precisely. The book is available for a minimal price too!


Remedial Vaastushastra

Remedial Vaastushastra goes on 3rd in my list. The book is based on ancient Vedic science between the humans and the places they interact with. In today’s world where people have almost forgotten about their belongings and their effect on people’s lives, Remedial Vaastu talks about how the homes nowadays have been built and it also conveys that how an individual’s lives get affected by the vaastu defects.


Vastu Shastra Today

Vastu Shastra today is your handy Hindi book which can tell you a lot about how and what is the real meaning of Vastu. Since being written in hindi you’ll find the actual meaning of the words instead of through traditional translated english books. The book is soo good that it has got 4.5 out of 5 stars. Being written in the native language you get to know how the science of architecture can affect your daily routine and why everything is the way it is.


Vastu Shastra samasya aur vidhaan

Often there is a need for us to compare and check if things work out when we choose a different path. This book on Vastu Shastra is exactly based on the title. It is currently unrated but I got to know about it through a friend who bought it for himself. The word of mouth review is that this is a very good book if you want to start reading and learning about Vastu. The book is affordable and available in paperback quality. Oh, and yes, the book is written in Hindi.


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