In this comic strip of Garfield, you can see Odie (the dog) being told that he can’t do something because he was not built to do that. During a time in my ex-organisation where I worked pretty hard to get familiar with the software development process and the frameworks that the company used, a similar scenario happened. My then manager once called me up saying that he had to catch up with me because he wanted to discuss my future. “Sure” – I replied. __ To give a context on why he had called me up. I was hired as a software developer in that company. We worked for couple of years and mind you we created some beautiful algorithms[…]

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You all must be familiar with what Vastu is and what “Vastu shastra” is. Shastra means science in English and Vastu Shastra essentially means – The science of architecture. I like to rather call it the “state of things”. I wanted to read about what it actually is and so I did a basic Amazon search. As you would call it I was bombarded with a lot of options to choose! Below is a list of vastu books that I found interesting and thought maybe you should check them too. Vastu Tips and Remedies This had to be on top. The book recommends what an individual should do to achieve success by simply arranging items in your house (Vastu tips[…]