Feeling Unsettled ?

For many at this present time there is a feeling of being unsettled. A feeling that you don’t know if
you are coming or going. A feeling that you don’t have the energy to get started on anything new.
It will please you to hear that there is good reason for these feelings and that you are not alone. For
during this time of transition there is much clearing going on. Many new energies are being sent
down to lighten the load of what is going on. To help ease the path to the new beginnings.
During this time it is not a matter of working hard and feeling success but of letting go. Of letting go
of what you know and letting the truth of you flow. For this is a time where new ideas and creations
will be formed. When new ways of being will become more obvious. These new things cannot be
brought about if you are busying yourself in the old ways. So instead of thinking that you are failing
at what you are doing, just know that you are beginning to grow new seeds. That new growth is

Allow yourself time to sit in meditation and to feel the new energies that are being sent to you.
Acknowledge the light and feel the brightness as the clearing within you takes place. Be open to
receive information that will help you along your new path.

Find time to enjoy the simple things and be creative. Let go of the need to sweat and toil and just let
your body relax and your mind go. Come from a place of the heart and feel the new love that you

This is a time of kindness and love, a time of peace and tranquillity, a time of just letting go. Try not
to question what is happening or to force things to begin for things will happen as they are meant to.
Everything is as it is meant to be. The world is finally beginning to set itself free. Free of the
negativity that has been around for so long, so hang on in there and just know that soon you will
dance and new dance and sing a new song.

There is nothing to fear only fear itself. So enjoy your lives and what you have and bring yourself into
better health. Allow body mind and soul to rest from all its toil and to know that all will be revealed
in good time as to what it is that you are to be doing. Most of all be happy, laugh lots and breathe in
fresh air.

A man must constantly exceed his level!