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Welcome to dailythoughts.in. I am Rajesh Kumar, founder of dailythoughts.in. I am a blogger, Web Developer with more than 8 years experience and a rationalist thinker.

Why I started dailythoughts.in?

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Whenever I feel lower or depressed, I usually read motivational quotes to get relaxed and stay motivated in life. Slowly, I got passionate about the quotations of various famous people from history to today’s famous celebrities, politicians, athletes, and authors. I started a Journal to note down all my favorite quotations. If I keep my journal of quotations with myself, I will only get the benefit. I wanted to share my favorite quotations with others. So that the others can also benefit. In May 2014, I started dailythoughts.in and started posting my favorite quotes on dailythoughts.in

What do you get from dailythoughts.in?

A good thought can change your life, bring more happiness, wealth, good relationship and everything. So I am posting quotes/thoughts on all the aspects of life. I am hoping that these quotes can trigger your thoughts and will make you inspired to take action and make your life meaningful to you and others. Also, whenever you feel lower or depressed, visit dailythoughts.in to get recharge yourself and to stay motivated.

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